Our team of designers will help come up with the desired interior architecture for the spaces required in the offices. We will create unique spaces depending on your needs and number of staff in the organization.


Once interior drawings are approved, we will engage our experts in the construction stages. We will construct interior walls in full accordance with the structural engineers’ notes for the premises so as not to compromise with the structural strength and stability of the existing structure.


This department engages in refurbishment of space. We repair walls, leaking roofs, replace worn out ceilings while at the same time taking care of electrical works arising thereof. We also redecorate surrounding landscapes and even build landmarks to compliment the refurbished structures.


Our partitioning experts use aluminum and dry walls to partition spaces. Use of glass ensures a lot of natural lighting thus conserving energy. The use of dry walls like Gypsum and MDF leads to conservation of environment since we do not use wood. We put a lot of emphasis on green design


We provide a range of ceiling and flooring solutions based on client needs and existing space structure. Ceiling finishes include but are not limited to gypsum bulkheads, acoustic ceilings, lighting fixtures and wood detail. Our flooring expertise include installation of carpets, tiles and floorboards. We also undertake supply and fit of window solar films and blinds.


Whether fixed or modular, we supply and fit office furniture for offices and other associated area like the kitchen and the washrooms. We ensure that our furniture fits the designs created to match. We choose the right materials and colours for comprehensive wholeness

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